Sunday, 27 June 2010

Enough already!

I don't usually write this kind of post, and I promise you it's a one off. But after the events of the past week I feel something needs to be said.

So, I've been blogging for over a year now, both here and as a parent blogger. For the most part, I've been enjoying it. I've made some really good friends, I've shared some wonderful experiences, I've discovered lots of brilliant blogs and fabulous writers.

But what I've also discovered is that some bloggers just can't cope with criticism. If you dare to take issue with something they've written, even when it appears to be a thinly veiled attack on you, or your friends, even when you know the original post and the comments below it have actually hurt people you know and made them cry, some bloggers immediately resort to personal attacks and childish levels of rudeness.

Over the past week I've read some posts written by parent bloggers which I would say are deliberately contentious. Whatever floats your boat. But when I've taken issue with the views expressed by the writers I've been lambasted for going off script and basically told never to darken the doors of the blog writer in question again (or words to that effect, only far less polite). I've also had to suffer snide comments from their friends (like how old are we, five?).

Well I'm a big girl, whatever you've got, I can take it.

And of course I get that it's your blog, you can write what the hell you like... except... up to a point. If you start attacking other bloggers or making statements which could be construed as libellous, well then you've got a problem.

This week I've also witnessed the most extraordinary fallout in the mummy blogging world and I can assure you that if the Daily Mail got hold of it they'd be running a double page spread on it (something I'm sure we all want to avoid). I'm not even sure where it sprang from but my goodness it's been nasty.

So here's how I see it.

1. Resorting to swearing at me or anyone else, or name-calling, or spiteful comments, is lame and only illustrates your lack of emotional intelligence. Sticks and stones, etc.

2. If you accuse me personally of something I haven't done, or try to harm me professionally, I will take legal action. End of.

I personally find posts criticising other bloggers - for what they write or think - BORING. That's why I don't write them, and why I very rarely read them, unless I feel they're directed at me or someone I know. I try hard not to comment also but if I feel the writer has overstepped the mark or if I know their post has hurt someone I know (see above) I find it difficult not to. And if you write something that's legally dodgy, I will point it out to you, as much for your sake as anyone else's. (All bloggers should be aware of libel laws - sorry, but there's no escaping it anymore.)

The blogs I enjoy are ones which don't attack any other bloggers, or criticise other bloggers, or mention other bloggers in a negative light. I'm looking forward to meeting so many bloggers at Cybermummy next weekend. It's supposed to be a fun and professional event and I'm sure it will be a brilliant success. But if you have decided you can't stand me, or any other bloggers going to the event, for whatever reason, here's a suggestion:

Keep your distance.

I know I'm going to.