Sunday, 20 September 2009

Time for Alesha to do a Kelly Brook

I feel a bit sorry for Alesha Dixon this morning. It is not her fault, really, that she has been placed in the firing line for attempting to fill the dancing shoes of Arlene Phillips on Strictly Come Dancing by the age-obsessed BBC. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to be a panellist on a primetime TV show?
But the fact remains she is woefully miscast in her new role - she has neither the experience or skillset to be able to provide useful commentary on any of the performances, and her attempts to make witty observations fell flatter than some of the contestants' feet. If she's got any sense she'll make her excuses and leave - and look for a more suitable vehicle for her talents.

1 comment:

  1. Oh thats funny, my daughter saw Kelly Brook at the london freewheel yesterday. With Boris Johnson (quite fancy him).

    Yes, i do remember feeling embarassed for that girl on the Big Breakfast, especially after the quick wit and talent of Denise Van Outen. What happened to the Big Breakfast? Used to like that. xx