Sunday, 26 July 2009

Big Brother 10 - the Story So Far

The female of the species is more deadly than the male - in the BB 10 house, at least, where the lovely Noirin has been using her preying mantis-type seduction skills to knock off the blokes at an alarming rate.
First the incredibly irritating and totally self-deluded Sree fell for her charms. Then, momentarily at least, Halfwit (real name Freddie, changed his name by deed poll to stay in the house) decided there was an attraction between himself and Noirin (there wasn't, not in her eyes, anyway).
Then it was the turn of the even more deluded Marcus, aka Wolfman, to try his luck (his only resemblance to Hugh Jackman it has to be said is his sideburns. He's possibly the most unattractive male ever to enter the House.)
Noirin tried to show Marcus she wasn't interested in him by spending hours on end talking to him under duvets, giving him cuddles, allowing him to paint her naked back, that kind of thing. Understandably, perhaps, he was a little confused by her signals and convinced that if he pushed hard enough sooner or later she would succumb to his unlikely (non-existent) charms.
But while her stalker was in the BB garden jail, Noirin decided she fancied the flamboyantly/badly dressed Siavash, who is a little like Sayid from Lost, only not as attractive.
Meanwhile Kenny the millionaire and boyfriend of the incomprehensible Karly (who was previously evicted) walked out. Lisa the butch bitchy lesbian continued to bitch about her fellow housemates. Charlie and Rodrigo enjoyed a quick cuddle under the covers. Dogface (real name Sophie) started to emerge as one of the only entertaining housemates.
Then Noirin, clearly enjoying herself hugely and ensuring her longevity in the BB house threw a spanner in the works by declaring she fancied muscle-bound Tom. At which point Tom decided he'd had enough of the whole shebang and walked out, declaring the housemates 'freaks', a comment which made Lisa apoplectic with rage. (It remains to be seen who Noirin will target now, as the other three males in the house would rather bat for the other side).
You didn't miss much.

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