Monday, 8 June 2009

No Davina, this wasn't brilliant TV

I'm not sure whether the producers of Big Brother are determined that this year's series, the 10th, will also be the last. But the whole idea of the 'non-housemates' competing for a place as a 'real' housemate, and sobbing their hearts out in the diary room because they thought they had really made it into the BB house, made uncomfortable viewing, and verged on the downright cruel.
No Davina, this wasn't 'brilliant'. It was sadistic and unnecessary. You can only imagine the humiliation Beinazir, the first person to be evicted without ever having been a housemate, must be feeling now she's back home. 'She wasn't very communicative,' Davina said, with a faux sympathetic expression. Beinazir was driven away on a bus, and you could almost hear her sobbing.
No doubt this was a cynical cash-generating exercise as of course the public had to vote for the housemate they wanted evicted. But as far as I've been able to make out from the highlights, Benazir was one of the least offensive candidates, some of whom make you want to turn the TV off rather than on. Combined with the lack of daytime live feed, I predict this year's BB could well be a ratings disaster unless they turn it round quick.

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