Monday, 8 June 2009

The Apprentice final - spoiler alert

'I understand what you're saying... I'm not sure it's clear,' Lorraine quipped (unintentionally) as Yasmina ran through the most important speech of her life. 'I'm not Martin Luther King,' Yasmina responded.
This was just one of the golden moments in the final of The Apprentice, in which Kate and Yasmina went head to head, creating a box of chocolates with a little 'help' from their rivals/friends.
Yasmina and her team came up with the idea of chocolates with an 'electrifying' taste - weird combinations, like Orange & Coriander. Margaret raised an eyebrow at the Strawberry & Basil, and then declined to try any more, which did not bode well. But at least the packaging and price were spot on, as Suralan might say, at £5 a box.
Kate meanwhile plumped for a box of 'luxury' chocolates for couples to 'share'. Revolutionary - not. Mercifully, thanks to a last minute intervention from Debra, she avoided calling them 'Intimate' and settled on 'Choc D'Amour'. Unfortunately, she also took advice from Debra and her 'incredible palate' on the quality and ingredients used in the chocolates, which resulted in them being priced at an eye-watering £13. 'Staying in is the new going out,' Kate declared. 'Not at those prices,' the rest of us were shouting at our TV screens. As Suralan pointed out, you can always fix the quality - but Kate had unwittingly priced herself right out of the competition.
So, after 12 weeks, it was Yasmina what won it. And now the search begins for the next batch of hopefuls.
Suralan, perhaps mindful of his newly exalted position as Small Business Adviser to the Government, pointed out that given the current economic crisis he would be keen to hear from people who have been made redundant. Wouldn't it be nice if this time, that could include a few competitors the other side of 35?

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