Friday, 6 March 2009

Singing the blues

Poor Cheryl Cole. The air must be Chelsea blue around Mount Kilimanjaro today. Because while the nation's sweetheart has been scaling a mountain in aid of Comic Relief, her wayward hubby Ashley has been arrested for being 'drunk and disorderly'.
But is anyone really surprised at this latest turn of events? Ashley appears to be suffering from a major Peter Pan complex - he simply refuses to grow up. So, like a little boy, he wants lots of toys (we won't go there) and shiny cars. And as soon as his wife's back is turned, he misbehaves. You half expect him to throw a party and announce it on Facebook.
Unless Cheryl wants to play Wendy for the rest of her married life, maybe it's time to kick him into touch.

1 comment:

  1. You're bang on the mark here, Liz.
    In Cheryl's case, love isn't just blind, it's deluded too. While Cheryl appears so be so self-assured and confident, this situation makes me wonder if behind those de riguer sky-high heels and dark glasses, isn't a shy girl with crippling low self-esteem. After all, why else would she stay with him?