Sunday, 29 March 2009

keep your friends close...

You can almost feel the heat coming off Jacqui Smith's cheeks this morning. Just weeks ago she was being tipped as a possible successor to Gordon Brown. Now the whole country knows that her husband claimed for two 'adult' films on her expenses.
Leaving aside the crassness of Richard Timney's decision to watch £10 porn, there are two issues here. The first is that in 2009 the Home Secretary has to be seen as setting some sort of moral example to the rest of the country if she's going to get any grip on law and order - and filing expenses claims for porn, or keeping two houses, or buying white goods at the expense of taxpayers just doesn't cut it.
But more importantly, it's probably no coincidence that this should come to light now, just weeks after speculation that she could be the next Leader of the Labour Party. It seems pretty clear that someone wants Jacqui Smith out - and it may not be the opposition.

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  1. £10 porn. Show me a man in the country who hasn't watched £10 porn. Isn't it just as bad that he watched Surf's Up? The fact is, MP's shouldn't be paid all this cash for everything from TV's to plugs in their second homes. Either live in your constituency, or don't do the job. Porn schmorn. Who cares?