Monday, 9 March 2009

Hello dolly

Barbie is 50 today, and apart from her failed marriage to the clearly closeted Ken, she's spent the last five decades enjoying incredible success as a leading cultural icon. She's seen off the likes of Pippa and Sindy to maintain her status as the No 1 doll of choice, enjoyed the kind of mass merchandising Katie Price must dream about, starred in several hugely popular animated films, and been immortalised in an annoyingly catchy Danish pop song.
But most importantly, she has maintained her flawless skin, cellulite-free thighs and super-toned tummy without the need for botox, lipo or a tummy tuck. And that makes her a heroine for women everywhere.


  1. Apparently Barbie had a breast reduction in '97.

  2. Liz you're SO right, she makes Jordon look like a bleedin amatuer!
    Saying that, has anyone seen Jordon and Barbie in the same place at the same time? Makes me wonder if they aren't actually the same person? Except, of course, that one is plastic and, oh, so is the other one....and one is married to a plastic figurine with no real relevance and spray on hair and, oh, so is the other one....
    Spooky when you think about it.