Thursday, 26 February 2009

There's something about Don...

Ah, the allure of the Toxic Married Mad Man. Don Draper may be fictious, but for the time being, at least, he’s simply the sexiest man to grace our smallish screens since Sawyer first stripped to his waist in Lost.
So what makes Don so attractive? Well, we know he’s a provider, the breadwinner, a reasonably (for the era) hands-on dad and fairly decent guy, which instantly makes him a ‘catch’, as Peggy would say. He’s a sharp-dresser, well-mannered – you just know he would never leave the loo seat up.
But more importantly, he’s a demon in the boardroom, and of course, the bedroom. In fact, had he been around today, rather than in the Sixties, Don would have been a Grade A Playa. He’s powerful, he knows how to cut a deal, and he only has to look at a woman for her knickers to drop. He’s also an enigma - not even his name is the one he was born with. And that combination of raw sex appeal, razor-sharp business acumen and dangerous air of mystery makes him irresistible.
The beauty of Mad Men is that you can enjoy his powers of seduction from a safe viewing distance, without ever having to fall prey to his deadly charms. In real life, of course, Don Drapers should be avoided at all costs.

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