Wednesday, 11 February 2009

My funny Valentines

Over the years I've had my fair share of Valentines, ranging from the cringe-inducing (the handmade, handpainted card, hand delivered by the sadly soon-to-be-dumped sender), the sublime (naughty weekend away at a chintzy Brighton B&B) to the faintly ridiculous (dinner at a restaurant so jam packed with the loved-up it was almost impossible to manoeuvre a knife and fork). One of my exes chose to wax lyrical about the commercialism of Cupid's busiest day while begrudgingly proferring hand-tied bouquets (anything for a quiet life), while another ignored it completely and soon found himself on the same pile as the long discarded cardmaker. Still, like all women raised on a syrup of fairytales and happy ever afters, I hanker after personal declarations of everlasting love - preferably in the shape of a gem from Tiffany & Co. The one thing I've always wanted - and not yet received - is one of those classic heart-shaped satin-covered boxes of chocolates, the kind you see in old b&w romantic comedies and Mad Men. Sadly this Valentine's Day my footpath is unlikely to be trodden by the postman unless it's to deliver another bill. Guys, if you're with someone special this Saturday, let them know it.

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